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NSW & Queensland Flood Relief Giving & Volunteering

Here are a few resources if you would like to donate or volunteer towards the NSW/QLD Flood Relief. Please add to the list if you have found others. Donations Australian Philanthropic Services have created a Give List with a range of not-for-profit o...

by Pro

Governance & Grants Manager , Atlassian

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Resolved! Adding social impact to our trade show booth

We will be attending the largest trade show in our industry and are hoping to include a social impact component at the show. What suggestions do you have for programs and campaigns our staff can amplify in our booth? Thank you!

Resource Compilation: Ukraine

Hello Pledge 1% Community Members, As a global movement, we are inspired by all that Pledge 1% members and partners are doing to provide relief and resources for Ukraine. We have compiled some of the resources that our members have shared with us, an...

by Pledge 1% Alumni

Community Specialist , Pledge 1%

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Creative impact marketing strategies? Let's hear it!

I'd love to hear how other companies are finding creative ways to tell their social impact stories, both internally and externally. Have you tested out any creative marketing ideas lately that may inspire others? At Khoros, we recently published our ...

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by Path Finder

Program Manager, Social Impact , Khoros

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DEI and Social Impact Governance

Hi Pledge 1% Members, Here at Rock Content we have been working on defining a governance strategy for DEI and Social Impact, and I'm curious if someone is interested in sharing experiences building a governance plan for those topics. We would love to...

by Ambassador

Social Impact Lead , Rock Content

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2021 Impact Reports, whats yours?

Even a 1 person company can make a difference, here my first draft of 2021 impact report. (reports do not have to be overcomplicated either) a better and brighter year ahead everyone! **Also if your financial ye...

by Discoverer

Agile Coach, Consultant, Author , Get Agile

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12 Days of Tips - Day 11: Equitable Grantmaking

My final social impact tip is to ensure evaluation is central to your foundation and/or corporate giving - such as ensuring your grantmaking is equitable. Want to know if your grantmaking is equitable? Check to see where you land on the “Equitable Gr...

by Pledge 1% Team

Social Impact Partnerships Manager , Pledge 1%

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12 Days of Tips - Day 7: Gamify virtual volunteering

One of the core ways to get employees to sign up and show up for virtual volunteering activities is to identify rallying agents, such as individual teams within your company or employee resource groups. At Rock Content, our pro-tip is to take this a ...

by Ambassador

Social Impact Lead , Rock Content

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12 Days of Tips - Day 6: Maximize year-end giving

My social impact tip is to consider ways to maximize year-end giving among your teams by doing a push on employee matching before the end of the year and make the process as seamless as possible: Add a donate button on your website that links to nonp...

by Pledge 1% Team

Social Impact Partnerships Manager , Pledge 1%

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Connecting & Collaborating on Funding

I'm curious if Pledge 1% Members have interest in connecting with other member companies that are funding the same issue areas as you? Have any thought of that as an approach to amplify your profit or equity pledges?

APAC "Hot Topics" - what questions do you want answered?

I've been catching up with a bunch of our Pledge 1% members in APAC, and pondering ... what could we do together? So I want to ask you all - especially those on the APAC timezone - what kind of 'hot topics' would you like to discuss or have a present...

by Ambassador

Atlassian Foundation Director , Atlassian

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Virtual Volunteering

As we enter a new era of work, social impact leaders are being challenged to identify ways to engage their teams via virtual volunteer activities that still facilitate connection and impact. In this Virtual Volunteering Playbook, we’ve gathered insights, best practices, creative ideas, and outside-the-box examples from our Pledge 1% Builders and Members who have expanded and redefined what “volunteerism” means at their companies.

Playbooks are a Pledge 1% Member resource. Not a Member yet? Take the Pledge today for full access to the Pledge 1% tools & resources.