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How To Install OpenMRS Easily? Welcome To EMRSCloud!

Copywriter, SolDevelo Social Impact Foundation

Hi everyone!


As SolDevelo Foundation members, we would like to share a story of our Pledge 1% of Product. We have recently come up with a new service. It’s called EMRSCloud and its main goal is to enable more people to use OpenMRS, by hosting it in a cloud and helping with implementations.


OpenMRS is an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. Its primary function is to enable medical workers recording patients’ medical history in an electronic form, instead of a paper one. This, however, is just the basis of a vast and diverse platform, consisting of many different modules that can facilitate a lot of processes inside of a hospital or a clinic. You can learn more about its impact here.


We have noticed that for many facilities self-implementing OpenMRS is too difficult and requires too many resources. In order to solve these problems and let even more people become OpenMRS’ users, we have started the EMRSCloud initiative. 


Here is more detailed information about the project:


What services does EMRSCloud provide?


  • Cloud server for hosting OpenMRS;
  • Assistance in the process of selecting OpenMRS modules adjusted to the client’s needs;
  • Configuration of the server and installation of OpenMRS, so that it is ready to use;
  • Regular maintenance of the server and technical support even after the implementation is completed;
  • Sensitive data protection.


Why is our cloud server valuable?


  • It enables to use OpenMRS without the necessity for setting up one’s own server room;
  • It provides the user with fast internet connection;
  • It provides the user with big data storage;
  • It is protected from cyber attacks;
  • It is maintained by the host.


EMRSCloud will be useful for the clients who:


  • Don’t have enough space and resources to set up their own server and maintain it;
  • Don’t have skills and knowledge required to self-implement OpenMRS;
  • Don’t have time to deal with the complicated process of implementation;
  • Have troubles with low internet connection in their local facility;
  • Have troubles with selecting OpenMRS modules according to their needs;
  • Would like someone to implement OpenMRS for them.


EMRSCloud is our small contribution to the OpenMRS Community. We want to share our skills, knowledge and resources, and assist healthcare professionals in saving lives, by providing them with easy access to OpenMRS, and by taking care of the technical support. This way, medical workers will be able to focus solely on helping people and rescuing them.


We are aware that some healthcare facilities can not afford our service. To create an opportunity for them to use EMRSCloud, we offer discounts for those who need it. We believe in an individualistic approach and try to increase accessibility of modern solutions, especially for facilities in developing countries. That is how our Pledge 1% of Product is realized.


If you are interested in EMRSCloud, we invite you to visit our website:


We are open to hear your comments, suggestions and questions. Feel free to leave your feedback under this post. Your opinion can help us grow and provide current and future OpenMRS’ users with best solutions, suited to their needs.


We also encourage anyone who is interested in becoming an EMRSCloud client to contact us via email: or via entry form on our website.


Best regards,

Anna Kwaśny, SolDevelo Foundation


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