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Happy Earth Month! Open Climate Action Discussion Thread

Community Manager
Community Manager
Content Writer, Pledge 1%

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It's that time of the year! Happy Earth Month to all! Climate action has always been critical, but this year's rising geopolitical tensions make climate issues all the more urgent. All month, the Pledge 1% blog will highlight member case studies, expert tips, and actionable next steps. 


But now? We're passing you the microphone. This is your open thread to discuss all things climate action.  You can...


  • Share tools or strategies that you've found helpful in addressing climate change
  • Talk about any current news or articles that intrigue you
  • Ask questions or for advice from our community of members 

You have the floor! Let's get chatty. 



The team at Australian Philanthropic Services have put together a list of charities working on climate change in Australia if you are looking for education on the challenges or a great organisation to fund.

Head of Social Impact and Public Policy, Momentive

This is really helpful, Kate! Thank you for sharing. 

Social Impact Specialist, Atlassian

Thanks Kate! Just used this to create giving opportunities in Benevity for our sustainability week 🙂 


At TrainingPros, we have a one-for-one commitment to plant a tree for each consultant we place on assignment. To date, we have planted 1400 trees. 


We share Climate ideas, explained simply. Please check them and share those you like. We have an IdeaBank in the menu to submit more. Our Climate Editor is the highly regarded Jeremy Wright AM. This is his recent Climate podcast

Agile Coach, Consultant, Author, Get Agile

For tools and strategies I have to point to the previous entry here : )


Also if you haven’t yet, do watch this episode: “a circular economy at scale”, it’s priceless:


And last but not least, a super quick and meaningful CALL TO ACTION: An astonishing £2 in every £10 of our pensions are linked to deforestation. Make sure everyone’s money helps protect nature, not destroy it. Sign the petition now takes 30 seconds

Ines Garcia
Agile Coach CSP-SM | Salesforce MVP | Inventor | Author


Blockchain Laboratories LLC is a web3 venture studio developing ESG digital assets and protocols that have Triple Bottom Line ROI. We are working on DeFi and DApps in the voluntary carbon markets, forest conservation, real estate, and cause-integrated digital advertising. We invented “ESG NFTs” and were the first to issue digital assets representing rights to future CO2 sequestered from perpetually conserved forest land. Please check out if you are a landowner and want to make more money protecting trees than cutting them done, or if our a brand looking for the highest quality carbon removals. And if you love nature and want to help protect it for future generations please check out a nature preserve timeshare. Both platforms work together to rapidly scale forest conservation and voluntary carbon market.

The Forest

I have recently discovered the En-Roads climate Solutions simulator... it is an online simulator that lets users test and explore climate solutions. It is really interesting to see what kinds of policies and actions will actually help us reduce emissions and keep the global temperature from rising! Check out this free tool here:


En-Roads is amazing. I attended a demo by John Sterman (he's the MIT professor in the photo on the homepage who, well, looks like an old MIT professor) and was so blown away. I've been meaning to do the En-Roads Ambassador training -- it's free and virtual, the next one starts on May 16:

Governance & Grants Manager, Atlassian

Do you endeavour to make the transition yourself or do you make it someone else’s problem?

We’re not going to solve climate change, we’re not going to change our economy, we’re not going to harness opportunities in decarbonisation by making it someone else’s problem.     - Mike Cannon-Brookes


Hi everyone, 


You may have seen over the past months, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian’s co-founder and CEO, via his private investment vehicle Grok Ventures, has been challenging AGL’s demerger plan. 


AGL is one of Australia’s biggest energy providers, and also Australia’s biggest carbon emitter.


In February & March, Mike led two unsuccessful takeover bids for AGL, with the goal of retiring its fossil fuel generators and moving the company to renewables. 


In May, Mike’s Grok Ventures bought over 11% of AGL shares, making them AGL’s biggest shareholder. They also launched the campaign in an effort to educate and encourage other AGL shareholders to vote against the demerger.


This week, AGL have announced they are abandoning their demerger plan, and their Chief Executive and several board members have resigned.


It's a “fantastic time for shareholder activism” - Glenn Walker, Greenpeace Australia Pacific


If you're keen to know more on how this played out and Mike's motivations:



Katie is Atlassian Foundation's Governance and Grants Manager, posting from Gadigal Land.

The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook

The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook will serve as a roadmap for all Pledge 1% companies to get involved in combating climate change through leveraging our unique resources, employee activations and engagement, and internal and external policies that consider all stakeholders, including the planet.

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