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Expanding Pledge 1% in APAC via Start-up Hubs

Managing Director,Payments Consulting Network

Last week's APAC workshop on expanding Pledge 1% - leveraging keynote presentations at start-up hubs - was a successful first step.


We already have 5 volunteers as keynote speakers/panellists (4 in Australia, 1 in India) and 2 start-up hubs based in Sydney willing to provide presentation slots at the their regular member events. We hope to have one in India soon as well.


@mariellaxamana will help coordinate our activities and marketing support materials for the initial events with the start-up hubs already lined up and then the intention is to expand this program across more start-hubs across multiple APAC countries with a broader list of Pledge 1% members as keynote speakers.


Our next call is scheduled for 3pm AEST on Tuesday 12 July.


Please contact @mariellaxamana or @MangalaMartinus if you missed last week's call and would like to join and/or receive the minutes from that workshop.





Digital Marketing Manager,Payments Consulting Network

Hi everyone!


A couple of updates on this initiative. Currently, we are coordinating to secure slots with 4 start-up hubs based in Sydney. There are a few more we could reach out to discuss this approach so it will be better to get more volunteer speakers. We have all the materials needed so if you want to know more about this, please feel free to reply to this thread.


If you are outside Sydney but are interested to do this initiative in your location, we are happy to support and provide you with the information and marketing materials.


We will post further updates once we have details from the 4 Sydney start-up hubs.


We look forward to hearing from you!



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