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12 Days of Tips - Day 6: Maximize year-end giving

Pledge 1% Team
Social Impact Partnerships Manager,Pledge 1%

My social impact tip is to consider ways to maximize year-end giving among your teams by doing a push on employee matching before the end of the year and make the process as seamless as possible:


    • Add a donate button on your website that links to nonprofits you already fund
    • Give clear parameters for what donations will be matched if you are not directing to a specific nonprofit (e.g. hunger, climate, COVID, etc.)
    • On the backend, make sure employees receive tax-deductible receipt before April 

Additionally, if you don't already have a nonprofit that you support, but would like to target your funding to a dedicated nonprofit organization or specific cause, I recommend considering some of the information within this community for identifying  organizations to support with your year-end giving - such as this resource: How to Pick a Nonprofit or a Cause to Support


Wishing a Happy New Year to all Pledge 1% Members!



Pledge 1% Alumni
,Pledge 1%

Thank you for sharing these easy to implement and effective tips Jessica! Happy New Year!

Rose Spitzer
Director, Pledge 1% Community

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