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Our first impact page - would love your feedback!

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,Good Thnx

Hi Pledgers 


I'm one of the founders of Good Thnx, an Australian technology company that's on a mission to build the world's best recognition and gifting tool. Have just redone our company site and for the first time we now have a standalone Impact page, as we move from startup to scaleup.


We've put Impact in the top nav right next to Products, which we hope will convey how important it is to us as well as showcasing the work we're doing with customers - including some other Pledge members - in this space. On that page we also have a standalone tile outlining our pledge, would love your overall thoughts / feedback. 


Company site: 

Impact page: 


Thnx, Shannon



Home: note Impact in top navigation 



Pledge 1% tile on Impact page


Managing Director,Payments Consulting Network

Hi @ShannonPoulton 


It's a great Impact page - colourful, engaging, and easy to follow impacts. Looks like a great service too.


One suggestion, possibly below your Pledge 1% tile, is to have a quote from one of your employees or clients about what your Pledge 1% commitment and overall impact means for them.




Thnx @MangalaMartinus, that's a great suggestion!


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