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LDA Digital Solutions supported the nonprofit organization for organizing LEAPin Youth Conference

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CEO, LDA Digital Solutions

LEAP stands for Learn, Engage, Act, Progress and aims to bring together in a long interesting conference several motivational speakers, that will share their life experiences and motivate youth to achieve their goals. An important part of the Leap in Conference will be the model that we will inflict on participants about being civilly engaged and how being part of the community will improve their future and will make progress felt in previous generations. The LEAPin Albania first year goes back in 2017, LEAPin Kosovo initiated in 2018 and increasing the impact of these conference will be huge, innovative, and full of surprises. Also, it is essential to be an active listener in topics like public speaking, self improvement, politics, innovation, and marketing, that impact youngster careers directly. All the challenges a youngster can face nowadays in order to succeed is shared by the speakers with the public. At the end of this conference, youngsters will have a renewed mindset towards success and opportunities that can be found in our country

LEAPin Europe Organizer:

LDA Europe is a non-profit non-governmental organization run by young professionals, focused on leadership, democracy, good governance, entrepreneurship, technology & innovation, professional growth, and many management areas. We work towards empowering citizenship education and creating an equal society in Balkan.
LEAPin Europe Supporter:
LDA Digital Solutions
stands for "Listen to Clients Needs, Develop Solutions, Automate Processes". Furthermore, LDA Digital Solutions support youth towards activating and empowering the Salesforce potential through assistance, education, networking, and knowledge sharing to improve the workforce and professionalism in the Western Balkan. This way, we hope to bring forward our organization and help expand the Salesforce Community more into the Balkans.


Kali N
Social Impact @ Atlassian Foundation

Thanks @mmeta - this sounds like a great initiative! Will it be available online to view remotely?

Social Impact @ Atlassian Foundation

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