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Question: How do I pick the right platform to use for my corporate philanthropy? 🤔


The success of your corporate philanthropy largely depends on how you manage your workplace giving process. Social impact software, grant management solutions, and volunteering platforms are readily available for companies of all sizes, appealing to the need for meaningful engagement between your community and company employees.


In this article, we’ve outlined some different technology solutions for both employers and nonprofits, along with examples of how companies can benefit from the variety of features that can be tailored to your business and existing tech.  While this list is not exhaustive of all options, we have compiled a starter list of companies, and have a running document that provides a high level recap of features for each...


(Do you use a solution not referenced here?  We'd love to add to this list and grow this resource!  Comment and share if you have others to add.)


  1. Alaya
  2. Benevity
  3. Bright Funds
  4. Engage (previously Causecast)
  5. Cauze
  6. Charityvest
  7. Classy*
  8. Deed
  9. Double the Donation
  11. GivingForce
  12. Givinga
  13. GlobalGiving
  14. Goodera*
  15. Goodsted
  16. GoodToday
  17. Groundswell
  18. Millie
  19. Overflow
  20. Pledge*
  21. POINT
  22. PTO Exchange
  23. Purpose Platform
  24. Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud
  25. SmartSimple
  26. Universal Giving
  27. YourCause

*Pledge 1% builders


Once you’ve read through the list, check out which platform your partner nonprofit or charity is using. After all, your workplace giving program should not only be easy for your company but for your chosen nonprofits as well.  


Let us know who else should be included here!!

Path Finder
Social Impact Program Manager, DroneDeploy

This is such a great list! Thank you so much for sharing. 

Purpose Platform

Hi @Jan_DAlessandro, thank you for organizing this list. We'd love Purpose Platform, (new member!), to be considered! We are an all-in-one Social Impact, CSR and ESG platform that just launched in November with our early partners. Happy Holidays! Johnathan

Pledge 1% Team
Executive Advisor
Thanks for reaching out. We have added you! Jan

Jan D'Alessandro
Head of Equity Pledge Initiative and Legal Advisor
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