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Welcome! Introduce yourself to the group β€ŒπŸ‘‹

Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Attention Pledge 1% supporters in New York City! Join us as we gather the local community for inspiration, learning, and collaboration. This group is your platform to connect, discuss local happenings, and engage both digitally and in person. Pledge 1% members, social impact practitioners, and impact evangelists are invited to join. 


So we can all get to know each other, as you join this group, please make an introduction, answering the below (you can cut-and-paste):


🏒 Do you work remotely or in the office?

πŸ’Ό What's your role in the company (title, and what do you do day-to-day)?

πŸ’° Are you a Pledge 1% member and if so, what Pledge types has your company made?

πŸ’› What's the social impact cause closest to your heart?

πŸ“£ If you could give a shoutout to one other person or company who is doing social impact well, who would it be?


Thanks for being here and supporting your local Pledge 1% community!


The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook

The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook will serve as a roadmap for all Pledge 1% companies to get involved in combating climate change through leveraging our unique resources, employee activations and engagement, and internal and external policies that consider all stakeholders, including the planet.

Playbooks are a Pledge 1% Member resource. Not a Member yet? Take the Pledge today for full access to the Pledge 1% tools & resources.