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Quantifying Volunteerism!

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CEO, LDA Digital Solutions

Hello P1 Community! I'm curious to know if your attempts to measure volunteer contributions have had any impact on the commitment and enthusiasm of your volunteers. As you started tracking and reporting on your programs did you see an increase in enthusiasm within your organization? We just had the Albania Dreamin 2024 Conference with 250+ attendees and engaging 40 volunteers! Thanks for sharing any insights that you have.


Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Thank you for asking this question, @mmeta. I look forward to hearing from the community and congrats on the Albania Dreamin 2024 Conference - those numbers are impressive! 

@Becky-DB@Railside@Bhawani Sharma and @SusiBee , Have you seen a correlation between tracking and reporting on your programs and an increase in internal enthusiasm?

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Global Social Impact Lead, o9 Solutions

Good question mmeta! In my experience at o9, quantifying and reporting volunteer numbers did generate a proud moment amongst employees but didn't increase commitment or volunteering time. However, we do find it more inspiring and engaging when we share stories of people volunteering. We do that by highlighting what we call the Social Impact of the month in which the selected employee explains a bit about what they do, what it means to them, etc. And we have seen others reaching out inspired wanting to do something similar. So, more than numbers (which are important!) I would rather focus on stories.

Last, but that requires budget, we reward volunteering during personal time with donation credit which allows volunteers to double their impact. This second part has proven to boost participation in volunteering initiatives. 

I hope my answer helps!



Pledge 1% Team
Chief of Staff, Pledge 1%

Wow congratulations on that, that's a meaningful percentage of the attendees volunteering!


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