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Thanks for supporting Pledge 1%! We’re thrilled to have you join our community and movement that empowers businesses to give back. 


Pledge 1% requires executive approval for companies to join the movement. If you are not an executive at your organization, that’s okay! Here are the strategies and resources that we recommend using to get executive sign-off and to champion Pledge 1% within your company:


  • Educate Yourself on Pledge 1%

In order to start a conversation with an executive at your company, you will want to understand how the pledge works. Check out our attached one-pager for an overview of the process. You can also review our Getting Started playbook.


  • Prepare Your Reasoning

Why do you think that your company should take the pledge? Think through your logic here. We recommend looking at your company values or mission statement for inspiration. You can also use our template presentation to spell out your thoughts and educate your leadership on Pledge 1%.


Template Deck

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 4.09.31 PM.png

Remember, the goal is to convince your executives to sign off on taking the pledge. You don’t have to get approval for an entire program, or even settle on a pledge type yet. We recommend selling them on the concept, then diving into the logistics.


  • Find a Pledge Ally

Rather than propose Pledge 1% to all your leadership at once, we recommend approaching one executive at a time. That way, if you present the idea to a group, you will have someone in the room who can lend support to the proposal. Think about which executives you already have a relationship with, or which might be more socially active on their own. You can also approach department heads that could benefit from taking the pledge, such as Marketing or HR.

If you don’t have a relationship with your company’s more senior leadership, your Pledge Ally can be a manager. They will likely have a better idea of how to move the concept forward. 


If you are a CEO/founder, or have the authority to take the pledge for your company, don’t waste another minute. Take the Pledge Today! 
Only chief executives can take the pledge. If you took the pledge on behalf of an executive, or are an executive yourself and believe that your pledge was miscategorized, feel free to email us directly at

Additional Resources

  • Want to learn more about Pledge 1%? Check out our attached one pager
  • Learn more about our four donation pledge types from our 10-minute video
  • Interested in how other companies are implementing their pledge? Browse our Member Projects blog for inspiration.

Note: While these assets are publically available, other functionalities and content may not be accessible to guests. Get your executives on board for the pledge to access our full library and conversation features!

Let's Hear From You

Now, we’ll open it up to the community! How did you get your executive to take the pledge? Do you have any advice for other people who want to bring Pledge 1% to their leadership? Let us know in the comments below!