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Solidarity with Ukraine: Discussion

Pledge 1% Alumni
Member Specialist, Pledge 1%

How can companies do good in light of recent events in the Ukraine? After discussing this question with a panel of experts over a webinar (recording + recap article to come!) I want to hear what YOU think. How is your company thinking about this crisis? What issues are on your mind? 


Pledge 1% Team

HERE is the link to recording of the event. 

Founder, CEO, knowRX

Lindsey, I'm been working closely with friends in Kviv that have moved West and have received a lot of emails and linkedin messages about companies who are continuing to work. We have established a non-profit local and I'm setting up as a market place for these companies (development, services) to match with other companies, primarily in the US to use their services. I am thinking that in order to list or buy services, I want the companies to participate in P1 and give back to an organization that directly support UKR. For the companies in UKR they will give back to the restoration and local community as they are able to. 



David S. Franklin

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