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Resource Compilation: Ukraine

Pledge 1% Alumni
Community Specialist, Pledge 1%

Hello Pledge 1% Community Members,


As a global movement, we are inspired by all that Pledge 1% members and partners are doing to provide relief and resources for Ukraine.  We have compiled some of the resources that our members have shared with us, and we would like to ask our community to please add any others via reply to this post!  We know many members are trying to determine how they can share in the collective action of supporting Ukraine, and we thank all of you for your willingness to contribute to the conversation!


NOTE: One of the below resources (The Council on Foundations) will be holding a webinar on Thursday, March 3rd, 3pm-4pm ET.  Register Here for Philanthropy's Response to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis.



This resource list is not exhaustive, it is simply a compilation of what we have been made aware of by our member companies thus far!  Thanks for sharing any others you are aware of and/or supporting!



Again, this is not an exhaustive list - so please tell us other resources you are aware of and/or supporting!  This kind of information & resource sharing will help us as a global movement to make a meaningful impact on the lives affected by the crisis in Ukraine.


Similarly, while the crisis in Ukraine has the world's attention right now, conflicts are unfortunately present in other parts of the world as well.  If you have resources to share on other conflicts/crises, please feel encouraged to start a new post drawing attention to the matter and sharing any relevant resources.


Thank you Pledge 1% Community!  

Chris Apple
Community Specialist, Pledge 1%

Governance & Grants Manager, Atlassian

Hi @Chris_Apple & any tech companies interested in volunteering to help non-profits in Ukraine:

Tech To The Rescue, a tech-skills-based volunteer matching platform is offering #TechForUkraine, matching willing tech companies with Ukrainian non-profits. Find out more here:


Katie is Atlassian Foundation's Governance and Grants Manager, posting from Gadigal Land.

Collector In Charge, Triple Mountain Model Horses

Our small business (which sells horse and animal collectibles) considered giving a donation, but $50 wouldn't go far...  Instead, we put the $50 into paints and supplies, had the business donate model horses, and I donated my time to paint a line of them in Ukrainian flag colors, with the addition of a wings design.  We called them Wings of Hope, which is the name of an organization on the ground in Ukraine that's distributing medical supplies to hard-hit areas.  They are a partner with our recipient organization:  Razom For Ukraine (Razom means "Together.")   We made them available for sale with all proceeds going to Razom.  With this bit of creativity and a couple of days spent painting models and listing them for sale on our site, along with adding a straight donation button, we have now raised $1090 for Razom in just about a week.  I encourage other businesses to see what they can do creatively within their wheelhouse - since that's what your business's customers values - to make your dollars go even further!


We are also using the Plegdling app on our website to give part of our sales to Razom, but that's not included in the above total.



Making horse lovers happy while working on becoming a B-Corp

Pledge 1% Alumni
Community Specialist, Pledge 1%

Please also see this post within the Social Impact Forum for ways to support Ukraine.

Chris Apple
Community Specialist, Pledge 1%

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