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Remote Work Opportunities for Refugees in Limbo

Account Executive



I’m a new member here looking to connect with companies open to hiring refugees to carry out entry-level, remote work. 


I work for Salesforce and give back 1% of my time to Open Door Policy, a non-profit aimed to connect refugees in limbo with sustainable work opportunities. Specifically, my role is to find prospective employment partners that can help open doors to resilient and overlooked talent, who are unable to find work due to documentation gaps or restrictions placed on working in host countries whilst waiting for resettlement. Fewer than 1% of refugees are resettled each year and this process can take years, if not, for forever. 

Refugees are pre-screened to be part of the program to ensure help is directed to those most in need and upskilling provided through a 12-week mentorship, so as to vouch for the commitment of these candidates. More

details are on the website below:


Hope this intro post does not violate community guidelines. Please feel free to reach out if you may be interested in a more detailed discussion. 




Pledge 1% Alumni
Vice President, Pledge 1%

Rob, thanks for this inquiry! We are working up a Humanitarian Relief Series, which will cover specific nonprofits working exactly in the space you describe. Keep your eyes peeled for our first event! And feel free to invite your colleagues. 


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