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Pledge 1% Initiative on empowering nonprofits and academic institutions

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CEO, LDA Digital Solutions

At LDA Digital Solutions, we are dedicated to empowering nonprofits and academic institutions in the Western Balkans through the Pledge 1% initiative. We assist these organizations in obtaining free Salesforce and Slack licenses and provide comprehensive training to ensure effective utilization of these tools. Our efforts aim to expand the Salesforce Community, enhance professional development, and improve workforce skills in the region.

Our Commitment:

  • Guidance: Helping navigate the license activation process for Salesforce and Slack.
  • Training: Offering specialized training sessions to maximize the potential of these platforms.
  • Support: Continuous support and resources to foster growth and innovation within the community.

For more information, visit the LDA Pledge 1% Initiative page


Michelle Fifis
Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager, Pledge 1%

Thank you so much for sharing your update with us, @mmeta! Your Pledge 1% Initiative page is a wonderful platform for showcasing your initiative to your clients and network. 


The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook

The Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook will serve as a roadmap for all Pledge 1% companies to get involved in combating climate change through leveraging our unique resources, employee activations and engagement, and internal and external policies that consider all stakeholders, including the planet.

Playbooks are a Pledge 1% Member resource. Not a Member yet? Take the Pledge today for full access to the Pledge 1% tools & resources.