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Hello and introducing myself and Vertex!

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Business & Program Manager, Vertex Cyber Security

Hi everyone, 


My husband and I run Vertex Cyber Security which provides Cyber Security services and products, primarily to Australian based businesses (although geography is no limitation and we have worked with other companies in the UK, Asia etc.).


I am passionate about ethical business and ensuring that we have a considered and meaningful approach to our social impact. I am particularly interested in enabling opportunities for more women and people with a refugee or migrant background to access roles in the tech industry.


We recognise how much devastation cyber incidents can wreak on businesses (especially small businesses) and on the families behind those businesses which is why we are so dedicated to providing affordable and accessible products to improve their cyber security posture and outcomes.


In relation to our commitment to pledge 1%, I am interested to learn what initiatives the community has undertaken in their own organisations. Currently we offer our online Cyber awareness training to all registered charities free of charge however we would also like to encourage our team to participate in volunteering opportunities. As we also have an offshore team, in the future I would like to set up a program to help other young people in their communities build tech capabilities which would in turn benefit their own communities. 


I am looking forward to participating in this community, and hearing about all the impactful work everyone is doing!






Pen Howell
Pledge 1% Alumni
Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Pledge 1%

Welcome to the Community, Melanie! Thrilled to have you here.


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