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DEI and Social Impact Governance

Social Impact Lead, Rock Content

Hi Pledge 1% Members,

Here at Rock Content we have been working on defining a governance strategy for DEI and Social Impact, and I'm curious if someone is interested in sharing experiences building a governance plan for those topics. 


We would love to learn from those who have already experienced creating that, and also to share what we have been doing so far 🙂


Gabriela Crego


Pledge 1% Alumni
Vice President, Pledge 1%



SUCH a great topic and we will certainly be working on elevating reporting and ESG more broadly this year. In the meantime, it would be great to learn more about Rock Content's approach to this structure and I can share more specific examples on a call if you like? 

Path Finder
Social Impact Program Manager, DroneDeploy

I think, in general governance will come from ESG work, and should be reciprocitous but not the same as your impact work. I see ESG being its own function that provides governance to impact work in DEI & social impact. Similar to how a security team gives guidance and prescriptions to a product team and other business departments. 


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