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A giving journey

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I recently spoke to APS client and Pledge 1% member @MangalaMartinus about his journey into structured giving, charity funding, volunteering, and leveraging his networks for good.  Whilst talking about giving can sometimes feel uncomfortable, it's wonderful when our stories can inspire others to give:


Managing Director, Payments Consulting Network

@Kate_Stone thank you for the opportunity to have a conversation and for sharing it in a succinct and well written article.


Australian Philanthropic Services has always provided us with a very professional, efficient and cost effective service.


The experts at APS can give you all the details on structured giving models and have some very helpful information available on their website. If anyone is interested in also understanding  a client perspective on the benefits of structured giving and the advantages/disadvantages of the two different structures that I have used - private and public ancillary funds - feel free to reach out or add a question to this conversation, and I will respond.


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