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  What is WePledge 1% 



Created and run byTwilio ,  WePledge 1% is a volunteer impact and giving program in which employees pledge to give 1 percent of their own time, income, or equity (or a combo) to causes that resonate with them. The program makes employees a more central part of a company’s social impact strategy by mobilizing employees to use their unique interests and passions to drive social change. By joining WePledge 1%, company leaders gain access to a toolkit, ongoing support, and a practitioner network that makes it easier to initiate or improve their employee impact program at no cost to them. Inaugural members include: Atlassian , Okta , Twilio , and


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Why companies are launching WePledge 1%

Implementing WePledge 1% at your company is a proven tactic that reinforces a company’s stated values and delivers employees consistent opportunities to connect in inspiring and purpose-driven ways. 


Since Twilio created WePledge 1% in 2019, more than 2,000 Twilio employees have signed onto and activated WePledge 1% and our employees report the following benefits:

It’s easy. Employees report that with the WePledge 1% program it is easy to commit to doing good - be it through time, finances, or skills.


It’s empowering. Employees feel empowered by the freedom of choice that WePledge 1% offers them. Once they commit 1%, they are empowered to decide how to fulfill their commitment. 


It’s meaningful. With the WePledge 1% program, employees can support an issue or cause because it resonates to them most.


It’s impactful. Within one year of launching the WePledge 1% program, Twilio engaged over 50% of employees in the program!

How companies are launching WePledge 1%

WePledge 1% invites companies to join a Launch Cohort of ten high growth companies, all at similar stages with their employee impact, all ready to launch in the next 6-9 months, and all want some additional rocket fuel. The Launch Cohort meets once a month for seven months and provides support, a turnkey toolkit, advisors and mentors, and a group of like-minded similar aged companies. 


Who should join? 

The profile of a company that would get the most out of a WePledge 1% Launch Cohort has the following three aspects in common:


Limited staffing. Your current staff is spread thin and could use support to fully launch a volunteer impact and giving program.

Participation in WePledge 1% comes with a starter kit of tools and best practices that cover the details around volunteer time off, corporate matching and equity pledging, as well as the tactical details such as a calendar of volunteer events, insight into the pros/cons of various tools/software to use, and  a directory of vetted nonprofit partners. 


Limited budget. Your company has a limited budget for its volunteer impact and giving program. 

The tools and resources provided through WePledge 1% are offered to companies at no cost and participation in WePledge 1% comes with access to a Launch Cohort Program that provides ongoing support and advice.


Company culture. Your company faces steep competition in recruiting and retaining top talent and is looking to incorporate employee volunteering and giving into its total benefits package. 

WePledge 1% is a powerful way for employees to share their time, income, or equity with local and global organizations and by providing an outlet for employees to contribute, companies are participating in a proven approach that engages and retains talent. 


What does it mean to join the WP1 Launch Cohort? 

  • You’re ready to utilize the WePledge 1% framework (inviting employees to pledge 1 percent of time or financial resources to change their communities)
  • You are ready to start or level up a volunteer impact program and want to do so in the next six to nine months 
  • You’re eager for the templates and tools needed to launch WePledge 1%
  • You’re eager and ready to participate in a launch cohort that meets monthly for six months and is facilitated by experienced impact leaders who will provide thought partnership, brainstorming solutions, and support solving challenges


Expected Outcomes

Through your full participation in the Launch Cohort, you will have the opportunity to:

Frame > Identify your employee impact/WePledge 1% goals for the next 6-12 months 

Learn > Learn what elements of employee impact programs have worked well, explore & understand the WePledge 1% movement, learn best practices from leaders in the field, and explore the tools built to help you build and launch your volunteer impact program

Plan > Create a right sized employee impact/WePledge 1% program and launch or pilot plan for your company

Launch > Launch key milestones of your employee impact launch or pilot program 


Launch Cohort Structure

There are three main elements to the Launch Cohort put in place to support your success. 

Monthly Sessions > We will meet monthly for 90 minutes and focus on a theme designed to support your company to launch WePledge 1% &  level up your employee impact.

Your Cohort > Your Launch Cohort is a curated group of like-minded change agents with exceptional experience, creativity, and passion. You will have the opportunity to support and inspire one another as you design and launch your employee impact work.

Advisors > The team and WePledge 1% company members will provide support, advice, and thought partnership to help you successfully launch. 


Program Session Themes


Define program goals


Review sample program workplan (program tools, activations, metrics, benchmarking)


Planning in advance for Company Kick Off and/or Launch 


Activate your team, support, and buy in

(Pitching your plan to key stakeholders, build ambassador network)


Activate progress against goals + group impact project


Launch plan - presentations, incentives, meetings, teams


Metrics, tracking goals + mechanisms


July 2021 Launch Cohort members: 











“Really stellar work on the Workplan tool! It's solid and really game changing for us.” 

- Simone Shorter, Box


“This is gold. It is exactly what I was looking for. So much value in these tools. Thank you.” 

- Summer Davis, Medallia 



The next Launch Cohort kicks off in February 2022. 

To learn more about WePledge 1% and the Launch Cohort membership, email