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The average amount of money earned by women throughout a 40-year career is $850,000 less than that of white men. This does not take into account compound interest potential, nor does it account for further gaps based on racial identity that can push this calculation up to $1,740,000. Pennies short on the dollar may not seem deeply significant month to month or year over year, but the lifetime value can be life altering.

Equal pay for equal work is far from reality across racial and gender groups. Watch this conversation on defining what pay equity means for your company, how it dovetails with cross-functional DEI efforts, and how your peers tackle creating more equitable compensation standards.


See how Pledge 1% members, Builders, and subject experts address this issue.

  • Starlett Carter, COO at Kanarys, Inc.
  • Sasha Corken, Director of Human Resources at Appfire Technologies
  • Cassius Conliffe, VP of Total Rewards at Survey Monkey