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Pledge 1% Alumni
Community Specialist, Pledge 1%

The Pledge 1% Builders Program is an invitation only community of leading companies that help to propel the Pledge 1% movement forward.  With a mission to inspire, educate, & empower every entrepreneur, company, and employee to leverage their own unique assets to be a force for good, Builders serve as thought leaders, advisors, and financial supporters, enabling Pledge 1% to empower our community and drive impact at scale.


The vision of the Builders Program is to create a new business paradigm whereby social impact in integrated into the DNA of companies of all sizes and stages.  To date, Builders and Pledge 1% Global Visionary Council Members have helped ignite over $1 billion in new philanthropy, engaging more than 15,000 companies in over 100 countries.  






As the thought leaders, advisors, and financial supporters of the Pledge 1% movement, Builders are granted access to the following value-added benefits:


Professional Development, Education and Learning

Provide social impact, DEI, marketing, and HR leaders across your company at different levels of experience with access to learning and educational opportunities around topics such as building sustainable social enterprises, the intersection of DEI and social impact, and many more via events, programming, resources, etc. The core benefit: helping you do your job at every level of social impact more efficiently and effectively. 


Networking and Access to Peer Experts

Builders have premium access to an invite-only community of 40+ leading companies driving social impact work, access to our community of 12,000+ Pledge 1% member companies, and new opportunities at industry events like Saastr, Collision, and Dreamforce. Joining the Builders Program provides networking opportunities and access to peer experts to advance your social impact and business goals. 


Visibility & Thought Leadership for your Brand, Leadership, and Social Impact Work

Opportunities to speak at various Builder and Pledge 1% events, serving as leaders to the broader member community as best in class speakers, as well as brand building opportunities such as our partnership with Nasdaq, Times Square activations, and visibility campaigns to serve as a megaphone for your company's impact work, promoting and highlighting your success via our community, social channels, and extended partnerships. 


Executive Engagement

Opportunities to feature your CEO and leadership in visibility efforts, access to a peer community of like minded CEO's, Founders, and investors, and support for executive thought leadership speaking opportunities.


Joining the Builders Program puts your company in good company!  Our current builders include:





Reach out to today and get to know more about how your company can support the movement through the Builders Program!