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How do we encourage our employees to submit nonprofits for us to support via grant-making? Also, when our employees do come to us with nonprofits to support, how do we evaluate opportunities?



Pledge 1% member and Builder Rory Ihlamur, the Director of Social Impact at Zuora,  shared how her company Zuora involves employees in the grant-making process. You can watch the full video below, but here are some takeaways. 



Zuora, a billing software for subscription models, has 1,200+ employees and runs a social impact arm called Zuora for Good. This program distributes smaller Community Impact Grants from a donor-advised fund (DAF), and also pursue larger partnerships with nonprofit partnerships. 



Here are some strategies that you could use to involve and excite employees within your company.


  • Identify and Empower Internal Champions:  Zuora for Good identifies employees interested in giving back and  names them "ZEOs."  These ZEOs help promote philanthropy in their geographical regions by starting Z-Philanthropy chapters. These chapters and champions can identify local causes that they would like to support, then nominate nonprofits for Community Impact Grants of $10K-50K.

  • Create an Evaluating Committee:  Applications for Community Impact Grants are reviewed by a ZEO Advising Committee of internal experts that have experience in nonprofit giving. This step ensures that the company is giving responsibly. 

  • Pursue Short-Term and Long-Term Partnerships: Zuora pursues both smaller, local, one-off donations and strategic, longer-term partnerships with nonprofits. These different types of relationships allow for multiple donation types for employees to engage in.


Watch the full video

Ihlamur, the Director of Social Impact at Zuora, explains how the grant-making arm engages employees as of April 23, 2020.




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